Integrating Facebook

To create and integrate your Facebook application, start by navigating to and make sure you are logged in to the account on which you plan to add your app. From here, follow the instructions detailed below:


You should be on the Facebook Developers landing page ( Start by selecting 'My Apps' at the top, and then 'Add a New App'

Step 2

A window will appear, asking you to select the type of app that you wish to create. Select 'Website' from this list

Step 3

You will be taken to the Quick Start guide for website Facebook applications. Here, you will need to enter the full URL for the application that you are creating. Note that it is important this URL matches the current domain you are using for your marketplace - so if you have yet to set up a custom domain, you'll want to use the Near Me subdomain that you were given by default (e.g. Also note that if you use the Near Me subdomain, you'll need to change it to your custom domain when you update your DNS before your marketplace launch.

When ready, select 'Create New Facebook App ID'

Step 4

A window will appear, asking you to confirm the URL for your app, and choose a category. The category for your app should be set to whatever is most appropriate given your marketplace. When ready, select 'Create App ID'

Step 5

Now that your app had been created, you'll be asked to go through the remainder of the Quick Start guide to configure your applications. There is one small step that needs to be done now, but you can feel free to skip the rest of the "Quick Start" guide if you want.

Step 6

You will be taken to the dashboard where you will manage your application. There are many settings and configurations that you can play with for your app, but for now, note that the keys you need for integration with Near Me are at the top of your main dashboard page.

However, you are not quite done, so please continue reading to ensure that your app is set up properly

Step 7

On the left, navigate to the 'Settings' tab. You will likely have the Display Name and Site URL already filled in from your set up. Copy either of those URL's and paste into the App Domains field and then hit "Save Changes". 

Step 8

Navigate to the Settings and add your OAuth Redirect URI by adding /auth/facebook/callback to the end of your URL, example:

Step 9

Finally, navigate to 'App Review' on the left navigation and ensure that the switch at the top of this page is turned to 'Yes'. This will make your app public. If turned off, this can cause issues for social login on the Near Me platform.

Now that you have created your Facebook application and ensured that all of the correct settings are configured, we need to add the integration information to your marketplace.

Step 9

Copy and paste the App ID and App Secret from your Facebook Developers Dashboard into the Facebook Authentication fields located in Admin Dash > Integrations.

You are now finished! Your users will be able to sign up/log in through their Facebook network to your marketplace!

Final Note

When you launch your marketplace you will need to update the URL to reflect your custom domain, don't forget or it will break your integration!